Thursday, 2 January 2014

New beginnings....old ways

Time to start afresh with my Dancing Daisies blog now the new year has started. I hope so much that those of you who have come here from Freeing Your Wings will enjoy being part of this new community. I called this post "New beginnings .... old ways" because I hope that Dancing Daisies will become very much like FYW in its content and in its community. I feel sure that those of us who are staying together, despite the changes, will continue to pay attention to our world and to our spiritual journeys, to be astonished by the confirmations that we receive and to tell each other about it all. I hope so, so much.


  1. Lynda, I am getting the feed to your blog. I remember how upset I was at the closing of FYW and now with your blog and facebook I am once again happy lots of love from susan JOY

  2. realised I have to check "notify me " to get responses

    lots of love from susan JOY