Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A shift in understanding....

Three of my closest friends came to see me today and their kindness and understanding of the mess I have been in lately has helped me so much. I realised today that once more in my life my emotions have played havoc with my ability to think straight and to see the clear path. They know who they are but if any of you should read this, thank you with all my heart.

Today my own personal understanding of me shifted again. Quite a big shift really as I saw myself as a bit foolish and someone who I do not want to be. Earlier in my life I was so strong and courageous and yet lately, the last year or so, I have withdrawn more and more into my shell, almost allowing the world to grind me down. That isn't me. Now...it may take a few days more but I have decided...I am coming back to who I really am.

What a life........ :-)


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better - our emotions are some thing else that at least for me have the ability to throw me complete off balance. I have been through what is going on with you - I am sure we learn from these experiences but I would much rather remain balanced then go through these challenges. I am there with you dear Lynda! love Robin

  2. Thank you so much dear Robin, it was so nice to come onto my blog and find this message from you. Thank you for your kind words and concern and also for taking a little look at my blog. Much love to you, Lynda x