Sunday, 10 June 2012

Simple Sunday Sadness

Simple Sunday Sadness

What makes Sundays blue?

It’s always been the same though

Nothing I can do.

Some pass by like warm blue skies

Others blue and cold

Some fill up with memories

Of stories never told.

Some stay still and hidden

Others rage out loud

Some are very lonely

Some lost in a crowd.

Simple Sunday Sadness

I wonder what I’d do

If Sundays turned out pink or green

Perhaps they’re best in blue.

Blue’s a sign of healing

Sunday a healing day

Perhaps it’s simply what you need

I hear an angel say.

A little poem by me....

Cutesies from blobs!

Well here is my finished blob painting but in two halves as for some reason it will not post as one....too long a piece of paper I think. As I mentioned it is a lesson from Life Book (Willowing) and this month we are celebrating our future through animal paintings. This was a fun project and the animals are meant to be cutesies but I was fascinated to see my long standing bear totem appear in my blobs and also a more recent totem for me, the horse. As you can probably guess, it was dropping blobs of paint on paper (a row of four panels) then folding them over on top of each other. Then you look for shapes in the blobs and devlop your little friends. It was great fun, I loved it. Here is a view of each "half" - each half was folded over on itself.

Taking Tam's advice and silencing that inner critic....and cupcakes!

I have had a quiet weekend which I love and even managed to do some painting yesterday....something called "Blob Art" which is one of the challenges on Tam's Life Book this month. This sort of messy caper is right up my street although I must say that when I make a messy art page there is a moment or several when I panic and think I am never going to do anything with it. I have to say that one thing Life Book is teaching me is that I need to simnply overcome that inner critic and carry on and I am getting much better at it these days..... Ha ha..... sorry I know I tend towards silliness but don't you think it just helps the world keep going round sometimes.....anyway looking at my major blob attack and mess yesterday, I very nearly panicked and crumpled up my page but I didn't....I kept calm and carried on even without a cupcake by my side. It gradually took shape...we are honouring our futures this month and we were meant to look at our blobs and find animals within a totem animal task but a fun one (we are also doing a serious one) and it was wonderful fun, I so enjoyed myself. It's not quite finished but I will post it when it is. Just don't expect a work of art! Finally....if you are not a member of my site Freeing Your Wings you won't know that we are having a CUPCAKE DAY on the 29th June. All you have to do to take part is to treat yourself to a cupcake that day and eat it without feeling guilty! Hope you will join us, why not take a peek at Freeing Your Wings too, we are a really nice bunch!! :-)

Monday, 4 June 2012