Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cutesies from blobs!

Well here is my finished blob painting but in two halves as for some reason it will not post as one....too long a piece of paper I think. As I mentioned it is a lesson from Life Book (Willowing) and this month we are celebrating our future through animal paintings. This was a fun project and the animals are meant to be cutesies but I was fascinated to see my long standing bear totem appear in my blobs and also a more recent totem for me, the horse. As you can probably guess, it was dropping blobs of paint on paper (a row of four panels) then folding them over on top of each other. Then you look for shapes in the blobs and devlop your little friends. It was great fun, I loved it. Here is a view of each "half" - each half was folded over on itself.

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  1. What a neat idea..I wish you had posted a picture of just the blobs..did you take one? I'd love to see that. I think it's quite interesting that your totems showed up in your blobs, I think it shows how aware you are of them and influence they have in your life. Glad you had fun with it. I can so relate to that moment when you wonder "where is this going?". Ha. Ha..I'm doing a course with Christy Thomlison called " Your Living Canvas". It's the first class I've ever paid for and am enjoying it. I just need to make the time to do it, luckily I have an entire year to work on it. As I've said in the past you really inspire me. I know when I retire and we move I'll have nore time and energy to devote to my art. Hugs sweetie..Susie