Monday, 18 August 2014

Joseph and another of Stanley

My little grandson, Joseph, has been by far the hardest to capture and I do not feel as if I have managed it. This second one of Stanley I prefer, as it is softer.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


Still on my "Prelude" course, I had a go at drawing my little grandaughter Rose this morning. Quite pleased with her.

A new course in portrait work

I have started a new course in working on portraits and am once more moving towards realistic work. This course is run by Kelly Berkey and is called "Prelude to a Portrait". I am loving it although it is very challenging and there are many incredible artists on the course but everyone is so supportive. I have got so involved with it that I have forgotten to post any of my work so will post my first four portraits now, the three portraits of women are from the course material and the little boy is from a photo of my grandson, Stanley,which I found wonderful to try out. All the work is in charcoal at the moment with a focus on light and shade.