Saturday, 18 January 2014


"Sun Child" (Number 1) by Michael Shapcott

I am feeling so much better these past couple of days, thank goodness. I am nearly there in terms of having a bit of energy but not yet quite enough to start painting again yet. How I would love to have even just a corner in my home which I was able to leave set up permanently so I could just stop by and draw or paint for half an hour, or even less. involves digging everything out of cupboards and drawers, setting it up on the living room table, and then, when finished, tidying it all up and putting it all away out of sight again. Imagine having your own little studio, how wonderful that would be!

Anyway, the whole palava of doing all of the above is just too much at the moment but in the meantime I enjoy myself by finding beautiful pictures that touch me deeply....and today I have pasted one of those here. I have, amongst many other boards, a Pinterest board called "Faces 3 - Faces that touch my soul" and this is on there. What a beautiful face and I am so moved by the way the artist has made use of colour and imagery. What do you think? I thought I would look into these lovely eyes and try and read his (I think) face and see what imagery comes to my mind. I will have a go .... and add it here later.

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  1. I look and see you ahead of me
    I still my mind and watch.
    I look and see you gone
    And wonder where.

    I look and see my life ahead of me
    I still my mind and watch.
    I look and wonder where I will go
    I still my mind and let it go.