Sunday, 5 January 2014

Emotions....why do they get the better of us?

Goodness, apart from my wonderful walk by the sea yesterday I felt pretty low. Taking down the Christmas tree was not a good start to the day, it always makes me sad but the whole day felt really hard. I was irritable too which is not like me. I am one of those people who get sad, upset, anxious and depressed but not often cross. Still I felt it yesterday and did not really know why. I don't like feeling like that. That has been replaced today by feeling pretty low and anxious...a more normal state of mind for me. I wish I didn't. Still I found this picture which reminded me that even when we feel sad there is beauty all around us that we just need to remember. I rather liked this idea of being covered with beautiful flowers even when your insides feel bad. I am going to try and imagine myself covered in flowers just like this today and hope that gradually the sad feelings are overcome by the beauty and tranquility of the flowers.

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