Saturday, 4 January 2014

Blowing up a storm!

I braved the seafront again today after feeling it was a bit too dangerous the last few days with the violent storms we are having. When we left the flat yesterday we noticed the sea looked half as high again as it usually does. It was really odd. We can see the sea as we leave our building and I suppose you get used to the way the horizon looks each day. At the moment it is so much higher. When I got to the esplanade this morning, I kept back along the path by the beach huts which is some way back from the sea itself but the waves were still crashing over the beach wall in several places. Half the beach is now on the prom. It looked and sounded magnificent, one of those moments of "awe and wonder" certainly. It still surprised me though to see some foolish people, even with small children, up close to the sea wall and running back as the waves crashed over. Apart from the very real possibility of being swept over, the waves up hurling up large stones as well.

Still there were also lots of people, keeping well back, just enjoying what is undoubtedly a spectacle of nature. I have lived here for 43 years and I have never seen the sea like this before. Anyway, after a while the heavens opened up again and I got drenched but actually it doesn't bother me. I just loved the whole outing, it was really glorious.

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