Sunday, 22 April 2012

Some of my completed image transfer ATCs

I loved doing this and although they may not have come out completely "neat and perfect" I still love the look and feel of the sort of rustic imagery that the calico gives. I was completely fascinated at how you get a totally different outcome if you copy from photocopier paper or photographic paper, as indeed you do when transferring to calico rather than paper. Personally I actually prefer the final imagery got from ordinary copier paper as I like the haziness. You can see a good example of the difference in final image from different transfer mediums from the middle two ATCs here, which although the same original picture have given completely different results depending on whether I used copier or photographic paper. The fainter one is the copier paper. I also transferred images for the backgrounds to the buddha faces and again had such a variation in results even though all these were done from copier paper, here there were huge differences depending on original image and length of time left for the transfer to dry. I love working on the calico, the transfers come out much better(I suppose here this is a subjective comment) than on paper, even good watercolour paper. I shall have a go at a much larger one next.

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