Saturday, 7 April 2012

Image Transfers

I've been trying out some different ways of working with image transfers for a new ATC swap on Freeing Your Wings in the "Trading Treasures" group which Angela runs for us. I hadn't done any of this till I worked on Kylie Pepyat's project on the Willowing Life Book Course and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it as I hadn't thought I would. Anyway....I thought I would experiment a bit with trying to transfer images onto calico and have learned a lot so thought I would share it. If you look at the photo above you can see the original photocopy of an image on the left as you look at it. In the centre is a transfer from photographic paper to calico and on the right is the transfer from ordinary copier paper to calico. I used gel medium for all my transfers and they have all been transferred to a reasonably heavy calico. Below are other examples which are laid out in the same way as just described. I was really surprised as I thought I would much prefer the cleaner transfers from photographic paper but in fact I really liked the various fuzzy/faded/etc images I got from the copier paper. I also discovered that the length of time you leave the transfer before rubbing it off with water makes a huge difference to your final result. Even the ones which look almost too vague are quite interesting ..... well at least to me..... even though at first I really thought they would only be fit for the bin. I think it is a really fascinating process in terms of the huge vairety of outcomes you can get. As far as these transfers are concerned I don't want to work on top of any of them although I know that is a common practice. Anyway if you are interested I will try and add a few more to give you an idea of how much the results can vary.....I might have to add them separately though as for some reason the uploader is playing up a bit and posting them sideways so I will try and sort that out!

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