Sunday, 6 November 2011

Two Christmas arty challenges

We have two Christmas arty challenges just posted on my social network site Freeing Your Wings The first is in our "Trading Treasures" Group which is an ATC (Artists' Trading Cards) Swap, organised as always by my dear friend, Angela. Our Christmas theme is "Angels." This is a really lovely group and if you enjoy swapping small pieces of art, why don't you join FYW and join us in the Trading Treasures Group? We don't work under pressure, always time to complete without a panic as we have members across the Atlantic who always join in. Angela makes each "Swap" arrival a joy as she parcels up our little cards just like the beautiful gifts they are! Secondly in Freeing Your Wings we have a Christmas challenge in our "Mixed Media Scavenger Group". Usually any creative piece is fine, anything from a painting, poem, story, montage, collage, photo etc etc. This time I have asked everyone if they will join with me to create a little montage in the don't need a big garden, mine is tiny only comprising of a verandah and a few steps. A windowsill would do! Create a montage using : Berries Evergreen Frost Bracken Mittens Rosy cheeks. I did one last year for example using snowflake, fir cone, angel, Christmas tree, bird and star. Here it is to give you an idea:
I was very lucky really as I had bought the little snowflake ornament as you can see but then it snowed for real! Join in if you would like too please! And....please check out our site if you have not done so yet. We have a really special group of lovely people on it! Go to

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