Friday, 18 November 2011

A beautiful find.....

I had such a nice day with my dear friend Carol today. It started off with coffee and a croissant and then we went onto the Brighton MADE Fair which is held every year in November and which we go to together every year too. This is a wonderful "fair" as it is a gathering of extremely talented artists of every walk of "arty/creative life". This year I completely fell in love with one particular artist whose work is shown above. This lovely lady, Angela Davies, was so sweet and let me take a photo of her beautiful work to put onto FYW. Photos are not allowed in the exhibition because people often copy ideas but I explained to Angela about FYW and those of us on here who love to "art journal". For me, her stand was art journalling in 3D. It was fabulous and my photo does not do it justice. It is just a small part of what was on display. She makes lots of "book art" which I know many of my fellow art journallers would love. You can see the range of her work on her website which is Anyway it was, as always a lovely day out and, as we always do, Carol and I bought each other a small present each for Christmas. We have been doing this for years and I have a wonderful little selection of arty bits and pieces that we have chosen together at one or other of the Christmas Art Fairs we go to! If you are a local member, the Art Fair is on until Sunday and well worth a visit.

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