Sunday, 13 November 2011

Four Angel ATCs

I painted these four angels ATCs yesterday for the Christmas ATC Swap on Freeing Your Wings. (You will find this swap in the "Trading Treasures" group on the site - beautifully and lovingly organised by Angela). I am always disappointed when the photos of my paintings show up what I consider to be blemishes even when they are not evident on the real thing. Today I have come to the conclusion that it is because I use cold pressed water colour paper which has that ridgey effect. I use neocolour II water colour crayons and it seems to me that unless you blend them in with a touch of acrylic, they possibly don't cling to the surface perfectly. It has never struck me before but looking at this reproduction I think that could be the case. In "real life" the colours blend absolutely fine but I suppose that is just what the light is showing me as in the photograph I can see places where it does not. I am not going to do any more with them as I was fairly pleased with them particularly the profile angel with the dark brown hair and being so small, every altered brush stroke has the potential to make a huge difference. Still, I can really see the learning potential here in taking a photograph of my work each time. I know that my art guru Tam, always recommends hot pressed paper which has a smooth finish and I am guessing this is why. If she wasn't 4 days overdue in having her second baby I would ask her but I suspect she has other things on her mind. Maybe one of these angels I have painted is looking after her and her baby just now. I would like to think so.

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