Sunday, 6 November 2011

Feeling pleased...

Over the last few days I have "met" a few lovely new people, thanks to Tam (Tamara Laporte) showing three pieces of my artwork on her site Willowing. (A fabulous site if you are an art lover by the way I was just reading the great artblog of a new friend Pippa who I have met because Tam did this.....such a lovely way to meet new people and find we have such similar interests. A reminder of the good side of the techno revolution...I have met some lovely new friends through art sites and blogs. Anyway, like Pippa, I felt really chuffed that Tam had chosen three of my pictures to highlight too. So perhaps I will enjoy it a little and pop them on here as well. Anyway here are the ones Tam chose....
This is part of a faerie on canvas I painted during Tam's Magical Mythical Makings course.
This is the face of my goddess which was also painted on canvas on the same course.
And this was a pencil drawing I did ..... I posted this recently I know but was so pleased Tam picked her too. Forgive me if I have posted them all before. If I had hundreds of paintings to choose from, it wouldn't happen....but I am learning so the choice is restricted! Anyway....thank you Tam ....not just for highlighting a bit of my work which really has done my self esteem the world of good....but also for introducing me to new friends.

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  1. Good for you Lynda, I am happy that you were feature at Willowing.....Nice work = )