Sunday, 2 October 2011

Music overload and dancing the night away!

So sorry.....just realised that my "background music" plays at the same time as the little videos I have been adding. I need to sort that out....can't remember without searching how to remove the music player.....please bear with me as I will find the way!

I danced the night away last night at our friends' wedding. Didn't think I still had it in me. I always loved dancing just on my own when younger but over the past few years, never go anywhere to do it anymore. In the summer we went to a friends' party in their garden and I just lost all my confidence. I knew I hadn't danced since I got ill back in 2002. That evening my friends finally pulled me up to join them but I still felt sort of odd and felt so sad that I used never to feel self conscious about dancing on my own.

Last night though, for some reason, I was shy no more and just joined in. I managed to drag my husband Benn on the floor to join me eventually but I had been dancing on my own on and off for about 3 hours before that! Anyway it was great, I did not feel 63 at all and jumped up and down with the best of them to some great songs, waving my arms in the air!!

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