Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Introducing a new website with a big heart - Pink Chillies!

I would love to introduce you to two new friends of mine who I have met through another very good friend of mine. Above .... meet .... Aditi (she's the pink one) and Etana! :-) Shall I explain? :-)

A good friend of mine, Lucy, has recently set up a new company with her friend Suse. Their company is called PINK CHILLIES .... www.pinkchillies.co.uk Lucy is also a highly respected Tarot reader and has also recently set up the Brighton Centre of Spirituality.

Well....this new company is a business venture with a big heart! A big heart especially for the endangered species of our struggling planet. I think it is best to use their own words from the website to introduce them properly to you ....

"What is Pink Chillies?

Here at Pink Chillies we LOVE elephants. Every single gorgeous bit of them! It is our love of elephants (and nature in general) that lead to the creation of Pink Chillies.

Pink Chillies is a company of three, a company that is growing organically which is more important to us than going for the big sell. We want to raise awareness but not make it an obligation – we want to bring something fun and unique to you that will also connect you to the issues we want to help. Something that is irresistibly cute - that you can cuddle, collect and never forget.

Our idea is not a new one but perhaps one of the few to focus on elephants and hopefully raise some awareness to the challenges and threats not only facing elephants, but also the other animals in our growing Pink Chillies family. Because of this, we donate 10% of the profit from sale of our products to charity. The charities we support do great work in supporting these animals and tackling the challenges and threats facing them and their habitats.

Our plush toys (which are on their way) are beautiful and reflect the essence of the animals. Each animal is named and the name has significance, for example our Indian Elephant is named ‘Aditi’, which means Earth. Our African Elephant is named ‘Etana’, which means Strong. Etana is strong and protective of Aditi and as the range evolves, the sense of family and support will grow with it. Look out for our new elephants and their friends, many of which are being created as we speak!

Help us to spread the word by telling your friends and family about Pink Chillies, you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Best wishes

The Pink Chillies Team x"

The website has been live for just a couple of months and I know that they are currently in busy negotiations with various parties to build Pink Chillies up and bring in lots of exciting new merchandise. I have seen the second prototype of Aditi (above... and had a nice cuddle with her......she is a sweetie!) and seen their lovely stock. It is great! So I would just like to give them a boost from a friend and introduce them to you all here on my blog. Please do take a look at their site and let your friends know about it too.

Wishing you all the luck in the world Lucy and Suse!

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