Monday, 3 October 2011

A special celebration!

Here is the "Cupcake Wedding Cake" made by family and friends (me included!) for our friends Adrian and Lou on their wedding day last Saturday, 1st October. There are even cakes made by Lou's five year old niece and might be able to spot them in there! Anyway.....what a lovely sight they made. I was really happy to help Lou's mum, Carol, arrange the cake display early on the wedding morning. It was so wonderful to see all those little cakes, all so different, yet all made with so much love. They were certainly a talking piece. I remember when Lou asked me to be one of her cupcake team back in January. Her vision was all homemade and all different and she was so right. Somehow they are on a completely different level to a professional display of "all the same and perfect". These were all the same and perfect in a different way....all made with love for a very lovely couple. Lou and Adi met about 6 years ago and just after they met Adi was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Their first couple of years together were full of fear and pain and to see them now, having come through all that together, was very special. I know from my own experience, that sharing that particular journey, will only have made them stronger and brought them closer. They are off on the honeymoon of a lifetime in three Australia in a camper van for three weeks of magic I am sure!

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  1. What an absolutely lovely idea. So much more personal than a shop-bought job :)