Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Week 10 on Life Book (Willowing)

This piece was intended to feature stencilling to the side of the face. There is stencilling there but I only had one stencil and it is not a particularly obvious one, just small flowers but it is there hidden for the most part under seeral other layers of ink, stamping and paint! I never pursued stencilling as I found it hard to control the colours from oozing out from under the stencil but I need to persevere. Funnily enough my lonely only stencil is very like the background to my blog page! I have to learn to be a bit bolder with shading my faces. I do shade them, this one is in neocolour IIs and I used salmon as the base coat then added golden ochre, ochre, rose pink and white acrylic. I always get a bit nervous of the end result looking blotchy although I have learned that blending in additionally with a dry brush helps here too. Also I really must learn to scan my paintings rather than just photograph them as the photographs never come out as clear as the paintings and also if the skin tones do appear blotchy in the photograph you actually cannot really see it in the painting. That sounds like an excuse but it is true! :-)

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