Sunday, 18 March 2012

"Just Fly"

I am rather stupidly thrilled by this crazy painting of mine. It is another go at "pulling art" which we learned with Mystele on the "Willowing Life Book" Course. I had such fun with this one and it happened that I have been working on her during the week when I had a clear scan (related to my cancer) so it really is a feel good painting for me and why I chose to add the butterfly and the words "Just Fly" as I have been given another year to fly free sort of thing. I found myself feeling so ridiculously fond of this quirky faced lady.....I would love to know what feeling she evokes in you ..... if you can see into her "soul" I would love to know what she is saying to you. I used all sorts on this one.....acrylics, gouache, gesso, watercolours all mixed up together!

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