Monday, 26 September 2011

Starting afresh!

I have found myself enjoying so many other peoples' art blogs of late that it has spurred me back onto using my own again. Having "Freeing Your Wings" as my own site finds me spending most of my time on there where I do have a small blog spot too....but it is not the place to blog to any extent really.

So much about my own exploration into creativity is whirring again in my mind and I have started writing again which I had stopped really as I was working hard to improve my art.

Finding Tamara Laporte on "Willowing" was the BEST possible thing that could have happened to me art wise. How lucky I was too, to live right near Tam and so I have consequently got to know her, her husband Andy and their little son Dylan. I could never thank Tam enough for all I have learnt from her. If you don't know her site yet you really do need to take a look. It is at

Back to my....well I think my blog needs an overhaul and an update really so I am going to work on that. For now I am going to post some of the paintings I have done more recently just to give it a bit of a fresh face. The one I have posted here was on canvas and part of my 6-week course with Tam above. This course was called "Magical Mythical Makings" and is now running on Willowing as a self-study group. There were four main elements, Goddesses (I did post one of mine goddess earlier this year), Angels, Mermaids and Fairies. This was my final piece on the course and I was pretty pleased with her. When I look back at work I was doing a year or so ago, I can see I am getting much better....but I also know I still have a long way to go. Still this is my faerie and this was my second piece of work on a goddess was the first and the first time I have ever worked on canvas. Actually I really like it and must try another one soon. Think I will try a smaller one next time. These two were big!

Ah well....that's today. I think I only have about 3 followers anyway and you lovely ladies have probably long given up on me.... but thank you so much for supporting me when you did. Maybe my blog will slowly build up again.

Love for now

Lynda x

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