Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Resurrection of ...... the bike!

Today was a big day! Today I resurrected my dear old bike which I haven't ridden for two years four months....since the last time I discoved my cancer was back in fact. Since the last operation my poor bike has been lying unridden in the big shared cupboard in the hallway of the house where we have a flat. be exact, my husband resurrected it for me yesterday when he resurrected his own to get it serviced. He had mine serviced too which was so sweet of him and actually finally put the firework up me to get on it again.

So.....out the cupboard they came and this morning there they were all shining and oiled and renewed and....raring to go. Can't say I was....or Benn .....but we went. Benn has very high blood pressure and a few other problems at the moment and so we thought it would be good for him. Nowadays my exercise is mostly walking which I do do a LOT of. Two years ago before I was ill again though, I was also cycling and swimming and those are the two things I haven't got back to this seemed like the best opportunity. we went. We are so lucky as we live just two minutes from the seafront in Hove, which has a cycle path and which is perfect for unfit and out of practice "what we is!!" :-)

Anyway, it was great of course although it took more out of me than I realised whilst I was cycling. It would be easy, to be honest, to stick it back in the cupboard again but I am determined not to. We will see.....................

ps I think the photo is by Mark Kaufman. It made me smile.......we really are old though!

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