Sunday, 6 March 2011

Back to say hello............

Ah for some reason I found my way back to my blog spot tonight....I don't know why but I like to think I was guided here for a reason. Have had a really tough start to this year but my moments of painting have helped a lot. I am following a wonderful course on which is run by the wonderful Tam.....Tamara Laporte. The absolutely best art site I have ever found. I created my goddess above by following Tam's wonderful lessons. She was my first piece of work on a canvas and she stood at the bottom of my bed for several weeks as she took form, just looking up at me. I felt like she really became REAL and has been around me ever since, looking out for me.

I followed her up with my guardian angel which I will post later this week. Nice to be back although I realise I am probably talking to myself.......:) x

1 comment:

  1. Glad you aRe back, I was drawn to your blog aNd not suRe why. Maybe our individual jourNeys through life will iNspiRe us to coNtiNue to explore our natural taleNts aNd spiritually grow soMe moRe. I too have had a tough start this year, fiNdiNg myself exploring hidden layers within my own aRt WoRk that I didN't know where there tell now. I guess you can say it was my spiRit tRyiNg to tell me tHiNgs that I could not hear at the tiMe. Now I look back through my aRt WoRk aNd discover a whole new layer within. In soMe weird way I am glad I weNt through this artistic struggle because I fouNd ME all over again. ~Blessed Be to a new year of self discovery aNd appreciate your aRt
    kAtiE fRoM