Thursday, 22 April 2010

Busy week....what about Ning?

Well this has been a very busy week. So busy at home trying to completely clear the bedroom which is being re-wired and re-decorated so it all needs clearing out. With only one living room and one bedroom there is nowhere for it all to go so we are moving around boxes and bags and mounds of stuff.

As always I have looked after the children which always keeps me busy too although of course I love it. Yesterday we had an FYW journalling group at Jans which was a delight. Only three of us this time as poor Gigli has so much worry with Michael in hospital and Rose with her family difficulties just now. Viv is away too so we were very depleted. As it happened it was still a very special afternoon since Lin, Jan and I sat and meditated in Jan's fairy glade at the bottom of her garden and then worked in our journals on messages from the stones. Many people would think us quite mad but we loved it and had a wonderful afternoon.

How lovely to have sunshine, it is like manna from heaven after the winter we had this year.

I don't know how to make this blog more beautiful....much to learn.....

No more news on the Ning sites but lots of FYW members have offered to help me keep the site going so I am staying really hopeful that we will survive.

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  1. What are so brave and creative. The ning thing will. work out..I mean how much can it cost? We will all chip worries and if it isn't that something else will be provide by the Universe..have faith.
    Hugs and love Susie