Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Finally finished....

I started these two little canvases over two months ago and put them aside when I got swept up with Christmas and then being ill afterwards, they just didn't get finished. So...I finally got my paintbrushes out again today and finished them off....or at least I think I have. I was guided by the wonderful Sharon Tomlinson on her "Darker Skintones"course(www.allnorahsart.ning.com)and they are mixed media working originally over photo transfers (the old houses in the backgrounds) then using a mix of Folk Art and Golden Acrylics. I worked over the houses with black ppencil as they were quite faint then added a tiny bit of serviette transfer to one and a couple of butterflies to the other. Finally I sealed the paintings with Golden Matte Medium which does give a smooth finish.

I am quite pleased with them as painting darker skin tones is quite a challenge. I have done them before but tried some different colours this time using Golden Red Oxide and Transparent Red Oxide which are really beautiful and silky to use. Anyway...at least I got myself back on track. I am having a go at Quirky Birds next from the lovely Tamara Laporte's Quirky Birds course (www.willowing.ning.com) then I will just go back to doing my own thing again. I still love following videos by these two talented ladies though...it is like having them in the room chatting away to me as I paint and it is really encouraging.

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  1. Hi sweet Lady. So glad to visit you once again. Your art is amazing. Its so much fun to see your growth ! Its so great that your able to take advantage if so many wonderful teachers. I've been checking out YouTube more lately as there are so many generous and sharing artists there. Well have to get ready for the kiddies. Hugs and live. Susie