Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rag dolly and Ted!

I have finally finished the rag dolly I have been making - for ages and ages - for my little grandaughter, Rose and just in time for her fourth birthday. I am really very thrilled with her mostly because I found making the clothes so hard. I never learned to dressmake or use a sewing maching as a child and it was something that has been terrifying for me all my life. No matter how hard I tried as a young mum to conquer that fear, it never came. I managed things that were straight, like curtains, but never something with a pattern. I made little Rose a "kit" dress when she was small when I bought myself a small machine but it wasn't too good and her other nana makes her the most stunning dresses so I have hung my attempts in this area really! :-)

Still I am good with hand stitching and love quilting and embroidery so I was determined to give Dolly a go. Some of her was done on my machine but every time I used it I broke out in a cold sweat and could have done those bits much quicker by hand with the time I spent messing around trying to thread the machine, the bobbin, get the tension right!! :-) Still, last night she was complete even down to the little teddy in her pocket ..... oh and her bloomers as you can see from the second photo!

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