Sunday, 22 January 2012

Second project on "Life Book" (Willowing Course)

Our second project on "Life Book" ( a lesson set by Bonnie Rose Ryan. We were asked to work with two goddesses who we relate to and who we feel reflect something of ourselves. It was sort of meant to be two very different personalities but I have long related to Green Tara and White Tara and felt that these two reflect me in different stages of my life in a way. Sot hey are not opposites but they are definitely complementary. Green Tara is always portrayed as ready to "jump in" and help whilst White Tara seems to reflect the quieter side of her. Both of them grew from a tear shed from a great Hindu deity's eye, one from his left, one from his right. They are both deeply concerned with the struggle of life on earth and the pains and difficulties of humanity. I find both of them very beautiful. I think because the green and white are so important I chose to use colour. I certainly had quite a hard time getting the shading on Green Tara's face and know it is not right but I tried hard! In a different way I was reluctant to do too much in terms of shading on White Tara because she is just white....but I did try to show something of the shading. I can see lots of bits I am not happy with but overall I am happy because for me this isn't bad at all! :-) I used gold leaf round the outside. The words are meant to read COMPASSION, COURAGE, ACTION and COMPASSION, STRENGTH, PROTECTION but I couldn't quite fit them into the picture in that order!


  1. Keep painting. They are beautiful and exude a warmth that reveals your soul. In painting you feel, in painting you find yourself...

  2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate what you have written and what you say is so true.xx