Monday, 5 December 2011

A Christmas quilt

I started quilting this last year for my two eldest grandchildren but was also making a quilted advent calendar for my youngest grandson and just never managed to get both done in time. Anyway I finished it off a week or so ago and took it over for Stanley and Rose. I had better start my next one earlier next year! I do love this simple quilting work, it is so relaxing to do and you end up with something really attractive. I have made quilts for all my grandchildren when they were born and so far two advent calendars and two Christmas blanket quilts. I also made a fairly complicated Celtic knot quilted cushion for my mum in law who is half scottish and half irish. That was rather more painstaking as it was very intricate. I have to admit I love doing them for the children as I like the designs so much but I was still pleased to make my mum in law something she really liked. Still....I think I will stick to Peter Rabbit and Rudolph and friends from now on......


  1. This is really beautiful how lucky they are.

  2. Thank you so much Jeannette....and I am so excited to get my first comment on my blog!! Thank you :-) x