Sunday, 12 April 2015

Coming back to life......

Several months have passed now since I decided to close down Dancing Daisies. At that time I had been hacked and subjected to some hurtful abuse and it just about finished me off last year. I had been very low with depression at the time and an anxiety problem hurtling out of control but during the past few months I have been healing and found my way again. I never thought I would feel up to re-opening Dancing Daisies but today on my 67th birthday, I suddenly felt I wanted to. As this thought came to me out of the blue, I felt perhaps it was important to follow that "gut" feeling.

The content of my blog is likely to change a bit, due a lot to what has been going on in my heart and my head since last year....but I will just let it be ....and see what happens. If you do pick me up again by any chance, thank you for reading.

A new dawn.....


  1. Lynda - lovely to hear from you & so glad you are back. I understand blue has been the main color in my life the last several months. miss you xxoxoxx Robin

  2. Oh Robin how lovely to receive this message even if you sent it nearly a year ago. I was full of good intentions and I really don't know what happened. It seems it takes a year for me to think about starting here I am. I hope so much you are well and that your blue now has some silver linings. Much love Lynda xx