Friday, 20 December 2013

Moving to a more personal diary style for my blog....

I thought I would begin to slowly change my blog to its new format so that any of you who currently follow me can get the idea of how it will change. That way you can decide if you wish to carry on following it as I realise most of you are primarily arty I am too but as I said in my last post, I am going to change the basis of my blog now.

So for today I just want to post a photo that I really love and which rather sums up how some of my year this year has been....only deep inside me though, I have tried not to let it become too evident on the outside. Still my blog is very personal and so I think it is a good place to put it today. Today I am moving on from some hurts that have occurred this year, I am making a new start and much as this picture shows where I have been in my head, I am hoping the next picture I post will show me starting anew :-) I need to start anew, I am 65 years old now and still have some dreams to fulfil so there is no better time than today to take that first step.

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