Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A new painting

I am working on another painting from Sharon Tomlinson's course "A Diary of Faces"
( This one is part of a painting called "Innocentia" by a German artist called Lovis Corinth (1858-1925). For this one Sharon encouraged us to work entirely on the background first before even sketching in the girl. That made it slightly harder to work with the charcoal but that was ok. It was harder too to paint directly onto acrylic rather than a gesso-ed background and I panicked a bit at first! :-) Then it slowly starting coming together a bit. I haven't finished but thought I would record it at this stage as I usually record the sketch and earlier stages but I forgot this time. A while ago I treated myself to a set of six small tubes of Golden acrylics. Up to now I have only used student quality paints. Now, of course, I am spoiled. They are so beautiful but stocking up on Golden generally will take a long time....a tube at a time, so expensive but goodness I really see the difference.

Anyway here she is so far......not sure what else I need to do yet but am really tired now and need to put her away and look again another day.....

Got to say that collar bone is harrrrd........ :-)

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