Sunday, 6 May 2012

Prismacolour Premieres (2) my frustration I sloshed some paint on another page, scratched into it to vent my irritation and painted this one in half an hour. I know she is a bit "rough and ready" and I need to do some more work on her but as soon as I painted her face I could relate to her. Also I realised I much prefer working in muted and pastel tones rather than really bright another useful lesson. But isn't it weird how you can try so hard for so long and not be happy then whip something up in an eight of the time and be happier. Of course other people may not think she is any good but I like her and so I suppose that is what matters most! What I love the most is that I realise the importance of your own art work touching your soul, your own soul, and how healing that can be. I really need healing at the moment, I have been terribly sad about something over the past few weeks and as always, pouring myself out through paints onto a piece of paper has really helped me. I also pulled out the hairstyle from my original always makes me smile!


  1. I like her a lot and I recognize this little pixie and she shows up in some of your other's obvious that she wants to "come out and play"..hmm maybe she is trying to tell you something? Hugs Sweetie

  2. Ah thank you Susie....yes she does turn up a lot doesn't she? I think you are right, maybe I need to sit out in the garden and talk to her. I think I will try that. Hugs for you too Susie, thank you for looking. xx