Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My "dream house" - Life Book Wk 7

For Week 7 of "Life Book" (www.willowing.ning.com) we had to paint our dream house. I used the picture I use on FYW for the "Storytellers" group because I have always loved the image that gives us of a safe and cosy home. It has always reminded me of the home I tried to create for my children when they were tiny....just safe and warm and full of love .... and stories on Mum's knee! It was the only time in their lives when I could simply give them a cuddle to make things better.....it doesn't stay that way for long does it? Now I hope I can offer a cosy "Grandma haven" for my grandchildren too. So....for the painting, I just simply painted around the original picture. I really enjoyed doing this one!


  1. This is beautiful Lynda.. I really love this one.. There's so much love and hope IN it! Home means a lot to me too. ~tina

  2. Thank you so much Tina :-) xx