Sunday, 13 June 2010

Journal Page

I started working on a new journal page the other day. I was following the theme for Freeing Your Wings for this month which is "Be in the moment with the natural world". I went off course really as I wanted to do another page in my "Faerie Journal" so rather than take my stimulus from being outside I started with an idea for a fairy. I have drawn her and started to colour her in with pastels but want to have her peeping out of flowers and hedgerow or something really. Our journalling group meeting didn't really take off so I never got round to finishing her but I will try and do so this week. I would love to think I had the patience to draw the tiny flowers I envisage all around her but not sure I will have.....maybe. To try that I will need to use ordinary coloured pencils as whenever I use water soluble crayons in this way I seek to be unable to control the flow of the colour and never like what I end up with. It seems rather "unbrave" to go back to simple coloured pencils since I have been experimenting with all sorts of media for the last year and a half.....but I still like to use them. They are comforting to work with....nothing drastic happens and I wonder if it is because they take me back to childhood?? Anyway that's the plan.....

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